Baron/Trinket puppies
born July 21, 2012
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Puppies during their fifth week
All photos ©RaineIMAGES
Puppies Pedigree

Puppy Journal

We have SIX blue eyes.....can you guess who has them?
It is so hard to leave the puppies at night. I crawl in their heated kennel in hopes that they will settle and go to bed…so I can go to bed. So far it has worked! They crawl in my shirt and wrestle a little…and there is a LOT of kissing. But then, one by one, they curl up and settle in. But I know these days are numbered! Pretty soon, no matter how long I wait, they will come shooting out of the kennel after me. But for now….I am getting to bed by midnight.
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My Mom was a little smitten with Brach...partly because he was the only one AWAKE at that moment and maybe because my brother's name is Brock....but anyway, she said "you better hide this one when people come over" Yes, I think she meant that he would be the only one people look at ! My poor black tri babies!! Not so. the others are WICKED cute as well! ;) Brach has 2 very DARK blue eyes.

Linden is the first to run to me when I come out to visit. And he's FAST! He is very elegant...even when he is being silly. He loves to play with me by batting is feet. He is one of several puppies to tug on his toys already! And he loves to role around on his back while I rub his tummy. Either on the ground or in my arms. Linden's tummy is HUGE. :)


Candie will often wait and watch. She will not usually run to me when I come out...maybe she looks at those boys piling on top of each other and thinks thats silly. So I go to her and pick her up, and she is very happy to see me, fully engaged and kissy kissy. So....? Even if her eyesight is slower to develop, it does not explain her behavior. Wait....or has she already trained me to come to HER!!! hmmm. Further research is needed. :) Candie has 2 stunning baby blue eyes!


Wrigley has been trotting ever since the puppies moved outside at 3.5 weeks. WOW! Its fun to watch him move. They still fall over....but when they are right side up its very pretty! Wrigley is usually up. And he and his 2 large brothers are often together. They are up longer together and they race to me as fast as they can together! Sometimes Wrigley will cry for me...but just for a second.

My darling Ande. Still the smallest of the puppies, but he doesn't have any trouble getting right in there! And even when his bigger brothers box him around, he doesn't get upset. When I am there I step in because I can't stand it. But he does just fine on his own. Ande is very affectionate and always wants to be in a lap. Ande also has 2 baby blue eyes!

Jordan is a beautiful puppy who loves to play and be held...and upside down is fine too. He is very relaxed and probably the best about his potty routine. Although all the puppy are very good now about going potty out in the grass or the bark.

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

GCH RaineDance Written In Stone

RaineDance Season Of Mischief HT CGC DNA-VP

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full Dentition
Scissors bite
21.5" 53lbs

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full dentition
Scissors bite
19" 40lbs

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