Baron/Trinket puppies
born July 21, 2012
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Newborn puppies!
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Trinket's all grown up! These taken on 7/19

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7/20/12  7pm Trinket's temp is at 98.7. We are definitely on the countdown!
7/21/12 2AM....and she started without me! The only blue merle was born first with no help from me. I guess that is Trinket's style, (independent) but she has been such a momma's girl during her pregnancy, I didn't think she would sneak puppies...but she did!
By 3:30 we were all done!

6 healthy puppies! 5 boys and 1 girl, all black tri except for one blue merle boy
Trinket went right to business, had all the right moves and all the right care. Good first time Momma! She did balk at some of the her mother before her.  Can't say I blame her! :)))And by the afternoon we were at the vet for a well-check. Everyone passed, including Mom, with flying colors.
These puppies are cuter by the hour! Can't wait to see what they look like tomorrow. :))

To see pictures starting tomorrow click "1" at the top of the page


#1 Blue Merle Boy
just over 12oz

Puppies are always listed in the order they were born


#2 Black Tri Boy
just under 12 oz

"Bull's Eye" for now :)

#3 Black Tri Girl

Finally! It is not that she has NEVER been still, but I have had a terrible time catching her still, and in good light. She's very motivated! :)))

#4 Black Tri Boy
9 oz
"Dumb Dot" for now :)

#5 Black Tri Boy
6 oz

That's #5 at the bottom! The other side of his head is completely white! I liked to see these boys side by side so I can tell them apart. :)

#6 Black Tri Boy
7 oz

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

GCH RaineDance Written In Stone

RaineDance Season Of Mischief HT CGC DNA-VP

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full Dentition
Scissors bite
21.5" 53lbs

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full dentition
Scissors bite
19" 40lbs

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