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RaineDance puppies are a special event!
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RaineDance is a smoke free environment  
We have, on average, ONE litter per year. In addition,  RaineDance boys are sometimes used as sires for litters at other kennels. These too, are kept to a minimum. No dogs are bred before they are 3 years old, all are OFA good or excellent and CERF clear.

Puppies are born in my bedroom and are raised there until they are 4 or 5 weeks old. Weather permitting, they can go outside at that time, otherwise they get a big play pen in the kitchen! Puppies are socialized DAILY since they are born, as appropriate. Great care is taken to make sure they are exposed to all sorts of people, children, appliances, car rides, and environments. They also have limited exposure to cats and a rabbit, and eventually, all the adult dogs at RaineDance. (Baron LOVES puppies!)
The puppies benefit from pre natal care that begins before Mom is pregnant and continues with diligence throughout her pregnancy, nursing period, and after. By the time puppies go to their new homes they have been wormed several times, have had their first round of vaccinations, had their eyes cleared by an ophthalmologist and have been examined by a vet.

Homes for these puppies are carefully selected. All puppies are placed according to temperament and family expectations. Show puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks of age and placed with the best "match" in mind. Performance puppies are always considered FIRST as family companions.
I am available for support throughout the life of each puppy, and love to get updates of their progress! Puppies may go to their new homes at 8-9wks of age. 
Puppies are most often expected at other kennels. Please contact the appropriate kennel. If you have an interest in a RaineDance puppy specifically, please let me know. . Early reservations are recommended. 

All of the parents below were matched with health, temperament and structure in mind. Future generations should continue to be treasured family members and potential working dogs in a wide variety a venues. Where will your puppy excel?! Flyball, agility, conformation, tracking, herding, obedience, therapy & rescue are just some of the many jobs Aussies can perform!  Training for these events is exciting and rewarding for both owners and dogs. Enjoy the journey! 

Litters in 2018:
Planned litters at other kennels are listed after the breeding has occurred.
Litters planned here at RaineDance will be posted as soon as the sire has been chosen.

Sterling/Shamu puppies
9 born 10/31/2017
here at RaineDance

COI : 16.9%
 (Method: TCIx1)
Puppies' Pedigree

ASCA/AKC GCH EmptyNest Silver Lining
Congratulations on winning multiple AKC Group Placements!

RaineDance No Reservations RATI
Tom/Sitka puppies
8 born 1/18/18 at Rockhill Aussies
PICTURES- not yet

Sitka is out of
CH Canyon Oaks High Noon at Woodlake
Bright Eyes Frost Yourself!
Rockhill Aussies is located in
Southern OR
Please contact Anne Ellis

COI : 17.2%
 (Method: Live Cover)

CH RaineDance All Terrain Tom STDs

Bright Eyes Sakari Sitka
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    ALL RaineDance Litters
 Litters by Year:
  Puppies 2017   Sterling/Shamu & Tango/Charlotte puppies here at RaineDance &
                         Capri puppies at Eschelon (WA) & Bryce puppies at Lake View (CA)
Puppies 2016
  Jesse/Kate puppies here at RaineDance &
                        Bryce puppies at Jubilee (CA)
Puppies 2015  Brach/Shamu puppies and
                        Bodhi/Lillie puppies here at RaineDance
                        Capri puppies at Echelon (WA)
Puppies 2014  Tom/Shamu puppies here at RaineDance &
                        Baron puppies at Veritas(TX)
Puppies 2013  James/Jolie & Tom/Capri puppies here at RaineDance &
                        Baron puppies at BlueSky (FL)
Puppies 2012  Baron/Trinket puppies here at RaineDance &
                        Baron puppies at Dancin'Eyes(CA) and |
Baron puppies at Trilogy(CA) &
                        Ruckus/Greta puppies at Bell's (NV)
Puppies 2011  Parker/Jolie puppies
here at RaineDance &
                        Baron puppies at Veritas (TX)

Puppies 2010  Hemi/Merry puppies here at RaineDance
Puppies 2009  Parker/Merry &
                        Sid/Pearl puppies here at RaineDance
                        Baron puppies at
Expression (TX)
Puppies 2008
  Baron puppies at Peppered Acres(CA) &
                        Wild Heart (MO)
Puppies 2007  Cruiser/Merry &
                        Sid/Emma puppies here at RaineDance &
                        Baron puppies at Halfmoon (MI)
Puppies 2006
  Baron puppies at Red Forrest,
                       Takoda (FL)

Puppies 2005
  Parker puppies at Criteria(2)
(CA) and
Puppies 03/04 Rio/Emma &
                        Parker/Emma puppies here at RaineDance


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