Baron/Trinket puppies
born July 21, 2012
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Puppies during their third week
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Puppy Journal
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8/4/12 Puppies start the week by ALL lying peacefully upside down in my arms. They are SO affectionate already! Weights today: Linden and Brach - over 2lbs, Wrigley and Candie - 2lbs, Jordan and Andes - just under 2 lbs. :)

8/9/12 OK, these kids are amazing! really they are SO advanced. I went ahead and started them on solid food...1/2 a week early...and they started CHEWING it right out of the gate! oh my. GENIUS. <Grin>

8/10 Brach is up on the pig rail! He was determined...and fell immediately asleep once he got up there.

Brach is the first to be silly! And he is eyeing his littermates ....and then gumming them. He and Linden are already playing! (sorry, no pic yet)
The only girl - and the first to growl!



Look at "Tank" from the Parker /Emma cross! Looks like his TWIN! Tank is now Apollo, and he is very handsome! Ande has a beautiful head.

Jordan is our screamer! He is also SWEET. Lying on his back while you rub his tummy. so cute!


Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

GCH RaineDance Written In Stone

RaineDance Season Of Mischief HT CGC DNA-VP

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full Dentition
Scissors bite
21.5" 53lbs

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full dentition
Scissors bite
19" 40lbs

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