Yearly Summary

Highlights of 2015:
RaineDance Australian Shepherds draws a nice patronage at PSR with Megan Sims for RD Herding Camp in late April. We experienced the magic of her insight into dog behavior (AND human behavior) and many teams came away with a determined passion for the work our breed was created for.

The Boys:
*ASCA/AKC Ch Tom finishes his AKC Championship with 5 Major wins, and completes his ASCA Started Sheep title with Megan Sims in AZ.
*UKC A-BIS/UKC/ASCA A-Ch Hudson still competing is a wide range of sports, finishing all 3 Open ASCA Agility titles, his Started ASCA Duck title, his AKC Utility title, and he earns Reserve High in Trial on AKC Sheep, finishing his Started Sheep and Duck titles w/Megan Sims in AZ.
*ATCh-C ATCH III Cisco At almost 11, 6th place at the AAC Regionals, and follows with 10th place at the Nationals!
* Brach take prestigious wins with Best of Winners at the USASA Regional Specialty in Feb and Reserve Winners at the USASA Regional Specialty in October, and Third Place in Open Blue at the ASCA National Specialty in Tennessee.
*CKC Ch Cruz finishes his ASCA Open Agility titles, his AAC Advanced titles and takes 2 ASCA Major wins in Conformation
UKC BIS UKC Ch ASCA ATCH IV Bryce earns ASCA Veteran High in Trial (Agility) and starts his ASCA herding titles w/Started Ducks and Sheep STDds
* Flash Sam Ike Lynyrd and Max pick up 13 titles between them, across 4 different sports.
* Rem picks up 2 more ASCA Altered Majors including a Best of Breed

The Girls:
*ASCA Ch Charlotte finishes her ASCA Championship with 4 Major wins and begins her herding career with 3 titles

*Kate completes 4 herding titles and earns High in Trial and High Combined from AKC Started Sheep. She is ranked #7 in Started Sheep for the year by USASA
*CKC Ch Chloe completes 6 new titles in multiple sports.


Highlights of 2014:
RaineDance Australian Shepherds becomes ASCA Hall of Fame kennel #136 and CH Merry is HOF Dam #434

The Boys:
*UKC BIS UKC Ch ASCA ATCH IV Bryce earns ASCA ATCH IV and rocks the ASCA Natl's in Texas. The first RD dog to qualify in MVA, he also placed #10 in the Agility Finals and qualified on both stock. He completed all 3 AKC Excellent agility titles and his AHBA Jr Herding Dog title.
*UKC A-BIS/UKC/ASCA A-Ch Hudson still shines as truly a jack of all trades. He finished 8 titles including 5 herding titles, 2 agility titles and one obedience title.
*ATCh-C ATCH III Cisco At almost 10, completes his 4th Agility CH, takes High in Trial and 4th place at the AAC Regionals.
*CKC Ch Cruz finishes 5 agility titles and takes a ribbon in 3 out of 5 ASCA conformation shows, winning his first ASCA major win.
*ASCA Ch Tom takes 2 majors to finish his ASCA CH. Also showing in AKC in earnest and takes his 1st major at the USASA Specialty.
* Brach begins his show career and earns multiple wins in both ASCA and AKC, handled by Moira Cornell.

ASCA/INTL CH RaineDance Written In Stone CD PT AX AXJ RSO JSO GSO DNA-VP "Baron"
February 10, 2003  ~  October 4, 2014
There are no words for my loss.

The Girls:
*Trinket continues her herding streak with her handler/trainer Megan Sims of PSR. Earning 7 new herding titles including High in Trial. Leaving her 3 Qs from her ASCA WTCH.
*CKC Ch Chloe completes 7 new titles in multiple venues. 4 Rally, 1 Obedience w/High in Trial, and 2 agility.
*Charlotte wins multiple ASCA BOBPs and goes right on to win an ASCA major reserve and BOW for 5pt major

CH RaineDance Merry Mischief PT OA AXJ RSO JSE GSN DNA-VP "Merry"
February 10, 2003  ~  November 8, 2014
My baby girl.

Highlights of 2013:

The Boys:
*AKC MBIS BISS GCH ASCA CH Baron At 10+, Baron takes Best of Breed Veteran and Best of Opposite Sex at the USASA Specialty here in Santa Rosa, over top winning specials 1/2 his age. Baron's Daughter Veritas Sexy & I Know it "Wiggle" 4th Place Open RM ASCA Nat'ls
has another incredible year. He finished 5 titles including two Championships and 3 Obedience titles
*CKC Ch Cruz
finishes his Canadian Championship in lightening speed w/3 Majors, and starts his agility career w/JSN
At 9, is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the AAC (Agility Assoc of Canada)
UKC BIS UKC Ch ASCA ATCH III Bryce earns ASCA ATCH III and is back in the AKC agility ring
*Flash earns an incredible 7 titles in Agility and Herding, both ASCA & AKC. Titling at the Intermediate level in both
finishes all three of his AKC Open Agility titles
Earns another ASCA Major and an AKC Bred By Exhibitor Group 2

The Girls:
*Ch Merry 
becomes a USASA Record of Merit Dam (ROMXI) thanks to her talented offspring
earns ASCA Reserve High in Trial from 10+ and 5th in her class at the AAC Regional Championships       
completes her ASCA Open Duck & Sheep titles, with the special honor of Most Promising Started Aussie
*Ch Chloe
is a busy girl completing 3 Novice Agility titles (CKC & ASCA) including CKC High In Trial, 3 Novice Rally titles (CARO & CKC), and 3 awards in the CKC Breed ring (2 Selects and a BOS)
has her first beautiful litter of puppies, sired by our own RD All Terrain Tom
begins her herding career with 3 mos of training with Megan Sims, in Dewey AZ, ending w/her Started Sheep & Duck titles, and Most Promising Started Aussie

Team RaineDance / ASCA Nationals 2012!
"Biscuit, "Cisco", Flash, "Bryce", "Brach", "Chloe", "Sam", "Hudson", "Linden" & "Rem"
RaineDance Dogs competed in all venues! Most of the dogs had never been to a National
Specialty before, and some competed for the first time in several venues. We had a great time!

Connie, Linda, Linda, Raine, Alex, Suzel, Robbin & Gwen
Off pottying dogs or running a course (aka not in the picture) :  Steve, Gerhard, Bruce, Angelyn, Kathy, Julie, Annette & Dan

Highlights of 2012: 
The Boys:
*BIS MBSS GCH Baron retires at 9 from the show ring, & sires 3 beautiful litters, including his first here at home.
*Ch Sam takes ASCA Best of Breed and starts his Rally career with high scores finishing his ASCA Rally Novice title completely at the Nationals. Sam also becomes a certified Therapy Dog.
*ATCH II Ch Bryce earns ASCA ATCH II including High In Trial from Elite. He also nearly finishes his ASCA CH in just a few weekends racking up all 3 majors and 10pts. Bryce competes in multiple venues at the ASCA Nationals, earning 11 Elite Qs and earning the 4th highest conformation score w/an 81 out of 90.
*Hudson has an incredible year. He finished 7 titles in 4 venues PLUS 8pts including 2 majors in Altered Conformation. ASCA CD JSN RSN & GSN, AKC CD & RA, AHBA HIC. Hudson turned 2yrs old in Aug 2012.
*ATCh-C ATCH II Cisco finishes his ASCA ATCH II
*Flash continues to compete in AKC Intermediate Herding (Qs every run) & starts his ASCA Agility career
*Remington pairs up with handler Gwen Jones and takes on agility in earnest. Together they earn ALL ASCA and AKC Novice Agility titles. They have a phenomenal showing at the Nationals w/17 agility Qs and 2 Qs in Nov B Obedience
*Baby Brach takes 2nd Place in 2-4mos Puppy both times shown at the ASCA Nationals

The Girls:
*Ch Merry At 9 years old, Merry takes ASCA Best in Show from the Veteran class and becomes ROMX-I.
ATCh-C ATCH III Biscuit at 9 years old, gets 3rd Place in Veteran Agility Finals at the Nationals, earns another High In Trial, her ASCA ATCH III, is Altered Winners Bitch for her 2nd Major and 4pts at the Nationals PreShow and 3rd Place in Altered Open Black at the Nationals
*Luna earns the very first Duck title : ASCA STDd. Luna also starts her ASCA agility career & Qs in Nov A Obedience
*Chloe finishes her CKC CH including Best of Breed, earns 3rd Place in Am Bred at the Nationals and starts her Agility career. She also becomes a Canine Good Neighbor.
*Capri  earns all of her ASCA Open and Elite Agility titles
*Porsche is owner handled to a 5pt ASCA Reserve Winners Bitch

Highlights of 2011:  (AKC , ASCA and AAC achievements only)
By the end of 2011 GCh
Baron was almost 9 years old. He finishes 2011 nationally ranked all systems!
#1 Australian Shepherd Dog (All Breed) & #3 over all. This included 44 Breed Wins, 40 Group Placements (22 Group 1s) and 3 Best in Shows. Handled exclusively in 2011 by Michael McGuire.
#6 in the Breed Standings, #19 Herding Dog, #8 in the National Championship Standings, &#8 Grand Champion.
Sam (co-owned) finishes his ASCA/AKC CHs with back to back majors in both & finishes his Int'l Ch
Bryce (co-owned) earns ASCA ATCH and his UKC Ch w/Best in Show & 3 Group I's & ASCA Rally Novice
Cisco (co-owned) finishes his ASCA ATCH
Tommy takes an ASCA Best of Winners over 60 class dogs from 6-9 & Best in Sweeps at the USASA Specialty
Flash (co-owned)finishes 2 Herding titles complete w/High Combined Aussie! Also earns his first agility title and his AKC TDX
Hudson starts his obedience career and earns his AKC Rally Novice title
Remington finishes his first AKC Rally title and Nosework level 1
Apollo earns 4 agility titles
Capri (co-owned) eanrs 4 agility titles
Chloe (co-owned) starts her modeling career and take Best of Breed at the Herding Specialty in Canada
Biscuit (owner handled in Canada) earns her ASCA ATCH II and High in Trial!
(co-owned) finishes 3 more Herding titles
Jolie has her first litter of puppies out of the late great of Mr. P

Highlights of 2010:
Ch Emma  At 10 yrs old, Emma takes Altered Best Of Breed her only weekend out, over top ranked specials and a very large entry. Emma's kids have accumulated 55 titles, spanning Conformation, Agility, Herding & Obedience. This brings Emma her ASCA Hall of Fame and USASA ROMX-I.
Baron  At 7 years old, Baron finishes 2010 as # 20 in the AKC Breed Standings with only 7 weekends out, & finishes his Grand Championship with multiple Group wins. He also starts training and completes his first Obedience title. Baron is ranked #2 by USASA in Novice A. Baron's talented daughter A-CH Ebbtide Gonna Getcha is ranked #1 in Open A, and his son Wild Hearts Romancing the Stone is #10 in Novice B Jumpers. Baron's kids accumulate 37 titles all together (Conformation, Agility, Obedience & Rally) and Baron also becomes a USASA ROMX-I sire. 
Biscuit WINS the AAC Regionals, with over 40 ALL BREED dogs in her class.
Pearl (co-owned) shown one time in Altered and wins Best In Show over the in tact dogs as well.
Cisco (co-owned) finishes his ASCA Elite titles and his GOLD AAC Award of Merit
Greta (co-owned) finishes her ASCA Championship!
Bryce (co-owned) earns 8 new agility titles & 3 ASCA Major Reserves
Sam (co-owned) racks up 11 more ASCA points, and gets an AKC Best of Breed over specials. He and Jolie also prove they can handle gunfire and aggressive strangers, passing the Temperament Test with flying colors.
Flash (co-owned) finishes his ASCA AND his AKC Tracking title the first time out, at just one year of age. He also completes his AKC Pre-Trial Herding Test.
Luna (co-owned) has been a busy girl. Achieving her Therapy dog and Canine Good Citizen certificates and beginning her AHBA and AKC Herding careers in earnest. She qualified in every run including a Reserve High In Trial from Started!
Trinket  Starts her herding career, finishing her HT
Merry has her last batch of  gorgeous pups and begins her AKC Herding career.
Tommy makes his debut in the conformation ring and gets an ASCA Best of Opposite Sex Puppy.

Highlights of 2009: 
Emma  Emma's kids, from all 3 litters, continue to tear up the agility ring (Biscuit, Bryce, Cisco, Bailey, Baron, Apollo) earn 15 agility titles including Biscuit's AAC Lifetime Award of Excellence
Baron  Baron's kids from 3 litters (Gotcha, Jade, Zayvee, Howdy, Tug) earn 14 titles: 2 Championships, 6 agility titles, 2 Rally titles & 4 obedience titles! 
Merry has a gorgeous litter of 7, out of our late great Parker P. They have hit the ground running and already have 2 CGCs and 1 HT between them. Collectively they are training in ALL venues! conformation, agility, herding, tracking, rally and obedience
Biscuit (owned by Linda and Gerhard in Canada) earns her AAC Lifetime Award of Excellence!
Emmit (co-owned) AKC Best of Breed and Herding Group 2 over 74 dogs
Jolie  takes an AKC 5 point major (& BOW) w/supported entry of 35 girls
Bryce (co-owned) earns 6 new agility titles & 3 ASCA Reserves
Cisco (co-owned) earns 4 more agility titles & and racks up 11 more ASCA points w/one major to go
Pearl (co-owned) has her first and only litter of 5 beautiful puppies!
And sadly:

ASCA/AKC/INTL CH Melodys Park It In First PT CGC DNA-VP "Parker"
April 8, 2001  ~  July 7, 2009
Sleep well, my prince. You will be with me always.

Highlights of 2008:
Emma finishes her International Championship in style, going BIS Veteran 3 times & finishes her AKC Excellent agility titles
Biscuit & Cisco (owner handled in Canada) Cisco is ranked #1 Aussie and #5 All Breed in the AAC! And Bisi is #1 (Preferred) Aussie and #7 All Breed Preferred for 2008! Bisi finishes her Open ASCA Agility titles and Cisco finishes his Novice ASCA Agility titles and starts Open.
Baron is Premier Champion at the National Specialty Pre Show & finishes 4 more agility titles 
Merry finishes 5 more agility titles
Jolie, Emmit (co-owned), Bryce (co-owned) & Greta (co-owned) start their conformation careers w/ 2 Major wins, 4 Major Reserves, 2 Minor wins and 3 Minor Reserves between them! (ASCA & AKC)

Highlights of 2007:
Emma finishes her AKC Championship and has her last litter
Pearl (co-owned) finishes her ASCA Championship! 
Biscuit is the first RaineDance dog to finish an agility Championship!
W/Silver Award of Merit. She finishes the year at #2 Aussie and #9 All Breed in Canada for 2007

Cisco (co-owned & owner handled in Canada) earns his Agility Trial Championship too! 
And he too finishes the year as #5 Aussie in Canada by the Agility Association of Canada for 2007

Merry has her first litter, becomes a triple Champion and earns both herding Certificates
Parker & Baron
earn their first herding Certificates 

Highlights of 2006:
Baron sires his first litters, becomes a TRIPLE CH and a Therapy Dog. He earns his first SEVEN agility titles, 
and is ranked #30 in ASCA Conformation

Cisco (co-owned) starts his Agility career and earns his first THREE titles and is ranked #8 Aussie in Canada by the AAC
Pearl (co-owned) earns all of her AKC conformation Majors
Emma starts her HERDING career and earns her first title
Merry starts her AGILITY career and finishes her first title
Parker starts his HERDING career

Highlights of 2005:
Baron finishes his AKC CH going Group One from the classes and is ranked #23 in ASCA
Emma earns her fist NINE agility titles and ranked #7 JWW Novice B (USASA)
Merry gets BEST IN SHOW Bred By Exhibitor (AKC) and finishes her AKC CH
Pearl (co-owned) earns all of her ASCA conformation Majors in her first year.
Parker becomes a triple CH and is the proud sire of 3 more litters






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