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Click here to see Pearl's babies w/Sid

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Pearl's Pedigree
OFA - Good
CERF Normal/PHA Clear/
Full dentition/Scissors bite/39lbs/19.5"
MDR-1 Normal/Normal
HC - one copy
Last CERF June 2010
DNA Profiled ASCA & AKC
Litter information & pictures

Owned by Ken and Cathy Thormahlen of Reno
proudly co-owned by Raine Lutz
Please address inquiries to raine@raineimages.com

CH Melodys Park It In First X HOF ROMXII CH Lakehills Millenni'Em' Mischief
DOB 11/25/04

ASCA Class & Champion Awards

AKC Class Awards
8 points (2 Majors)

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BEST IN SHOW! Judge Barbara Peach 5/30/10  in Dixon
Altered Best of Breed
Our happy little Pearl is back in the ring after several years and receives the highest honors. She was only shown once, winning over all the dogs entered. All the intact dogs and specials, all the veterans, all the puppies and all the altered dogs!

Best of Opposite Sex Judge Daryl Turner 7/1/07 in Gridley  
Best of Opposite Sex Judge Carole Hartinagle 6/2/07 in Boise ID
WB, BOW & Best of Breed/ Judge Marcia Bain 
6/2/07 in Boise ID 4 pts


Judge Barbara Peters 6/1/07 in Boise ID 3 pts 
(owners were told it was only 2 pts)
Judge Wendy Finsterwald 5/29/06  in Dixon 
RWB/ Judge Barbara Peach 11/27/05  in Placerville
All 3 majors @12 mos 
WB/  Judge Eileen Petros 11/26/05 in Placerville 3 pts
RWB/ Judge Leslie Earl 7/3/05  in Gridley 
RWB/ Judge Patty Wirries 7/2/05 AM in Gridley
2nd win from the 6-9 class
Judge Daryl Turner 7/1/05 in Gridley 4 pts  
At 6 mos and 5 days old. First weekend in the regular classes
/ Judge Mary Hellmeister 5/30/05 in Dixon  5 pts 
over 35 girls from the 6-9 puppy class
Judge Sandra Drake 5/29/05 in Dixon 
Breeder's Showcase 3rd Place/ Judge Linda Buell 5/28/05 in Dixon 
Team Baron, Merry & Pearl
Best of Breed Puppy/
Judge Bob Grady 5/22/05 in Merlin 
Best of Breed Puppy/ Judge Nadine Grady 5/21/05 in Merlin 


RWB  Judge Patricia Gellerman  3/21/08 in Vallejo to a Major
Judge Steven Gladstone 9/2/07 in Grass Valley
Judge Joyce Vanek 9/2/06 in Grass Valley 1 pt
Both majors @20 mos
WB, BOW & BOS/ Judge Gloria Kerr 8/4/06 in Dixon 3 pts
RWB/ Judge Stephen Hubbell 6/17/06 in Gridley
RWB/ Judge Vincent Mulligan 6/16/06 in Gridley
RWB/  Judge Joan Frailey 6/3/06 in Carson City NV
WB/ Judge Janina Cline 5/14/06 in Dixon  3 pts
RWB/ Judge Nancy Liebes 10/30/05 in Woodland 
BOBP,Puppy Herding Group 2 (puppy match)
RWB/  Judge Janet Cherne 10/15/05 in Boise, ID
Puppy Herding Group 2
Best of Breed Puppy & RWB
Judge Judith Goodin & Don Willett 10/14/05 in Boise, ID
RWB/ Judge Linda Robey 10/02/05 in Carson City, NV 
Puppy Herding Group 2& BOBP
Judge Laurence Libeu & Dany Canino 9/10/05 in Petaluma  
Puppy Herding Group 2& BOBP
Judge Monica Canestrini  & Linda Scanlon 8/28/05 in Sonora
to a 3 pt major/Chris Walkowicz 8/6/05 in Dixon
Judge Dany Canino 7/10/05 in Bandon, OR
Judge Shirley Uphouse 7/9/05 in Bandon, OR 
Judge William Bergum 6/25/05 in Napa 
Judge Gloria Kerr 6/19/05 in Gridley 
Puppy Herding Group 3 & BOBP/
Judge Eileen Pimlott 
6/18/05 in Gridley
RWB & Puppy Group 3(match)/
Judge Chuck Murray 
6/17/05 in Gridley 
Judge Professor Douglas Taylor
6/16/05 in Gridley
1 pt
Puppy Herding Group 1 & BOBP & RWB 
Judge Darby McSorley & Arley Hussin 6/12/05 in Antioch
Puppy Herding Grp 3&BOBP/

Judge Kathryn Cowsert & Pat Hastings 
6/11/05 in Antioch 


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