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Me, Porsche's owner Connie Scheppelmann and Sam's owner Robbin Bayne

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Porsche's Pedigree
DNA-not yet/OFA Too Young
CERF Normal/ 
PHA not yet/
Scissors bite/Full Dentition
DOB 8/20/2010
MDR-1 Normal/Normal
HC Clear
Litter information & pictures

Owned by Connie & Steve Scheppelmann of Santa Rosa, CA
proudly co-owned w/RaineDance

GCH Wyndstar's Street Legal X ASCA HOF/USASA ROMXI CH RaineDance Merry Mischief
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ASCA Awards

AKC Awards
Canine Good Citizen

Reserve Winners Bitch to a 5pt major
9/2/12 Judge Richard Berger
owner handled!

Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps 
Judge Mrs Tomas (Alane L.) Gomez
8/27/11 Sierra View ASC USASA Specialty, Mensona KC

Canine Good Citizen

6/6/11 At just 9 mos old!

Other Awards:



INT'L/NAT'L Puppy Champion

Jan 8 Int'l Reserve Best In Show BBX Puppy!
  Herding BBX Puppy Group One

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