Bisi, Merry, Jackie, Baron, Taylor, Bailey, Zephyr

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Rio/Emma puppies
born February 10, 2003
These puppies were born here at RaineDance in Santa Rosa, CA.
Newborn   Week:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  Adoption & Adults
Scroll down to meet the parents!
1 Blue boy
5 Black girls
1 Black boy
All photos ©RaineIMAGES
Puppies Pedigree
All puppies are CERF clear @ 8 wks
and still listed in the order they were born

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ASCA/INTL CH RaineDance Written In Stone

My beautiful blue boy, stays right here with me!

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RaineDance Mischief in Diamonds    "Jackie"

Jackie went to her new home in Palo Alto on Sunday April 6th. I hear she is the belle of her neighborhood!

They had this to say about their new addition:

She is such a great dog.  (I hope you understand my gushing, because I know you have similar strong feelings for Emma.)  She has her active periods first thing in the morning and in the early evening.  But we’re giving her lots of exercise, so by bedtime, she is tired!   She sleeps through the night, and only wakes up at about 6:30.  Some of her favorite toys are plastic Easter eggs, and she is incredible funny as she galumphs along after them.  She is a very good little dog.  This morning when I took her for a walk I ran into a young family with a very cute little 10-month old girl.  The girl was fascinated with Jackie, and Jackie was very gentle and cute.  So many people were stopping to coo over the two of them that the couple and I were considering selling tickets. 
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Mini Mischief
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RaineDance Twist of Mischief AX AXJ NF JSN CGC

2/10/2003 ~ 2/1/2010

Bailey's Memorial 

Bailey went to her new home right here in Santa Rosa on Monday April 7th! See you in class....

They had this to say about Bailey:

I just want to let you know that Bailey had a GREAT!! "first night". She learned her new home and her boundaries and then we played for awhile and went out side several times to water the grass. The pad she is sleeping on I put in her crate last night to sleep on and she did really good. Slept most of the night.

So far no accidents in the house. You can tell when she needs to go and when you take her out as soon as she hits the grass she goes.

She's sooooooooooo cute. and soooooooooo good, I can't believe it.


RaineDance Tailored in Mischief        "Taylor"

Taylor went home on Tuesday April 8th, also right here in Santa Rosa! Taylor and her best friend KC (Jack Russell) are getting along great.

Here is a message from Scott:
I wanted to give you a Taylor update. She is doing good, I'm very happy. I'm sure Shelley has talked to you about her. She is very playful and friendly, she always comes to me and greets me when I call her. I was worried at first about KC being too rough with her, but they play together very nice.

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Taylor 2
Best Friends
happyzcrsm.jpg (33611 bytes)zephyr03.jpg (92177 bytes)zephyr1003.jpg (52110 bytes)Zephyr102503.jpg (29969 bytes) RaineDance Mercury Mischief     "Zephyr"

Zephyr went to his new home in Penngrove on Thursday April 10th. I think he has stolen their hearts! 

Here is a note from Zephyr's new family:

Zephyr is the absolute BEST!!!  We have been having a great time together.  We have been socializing him everywhere we can.  He loves people and has amazing manners.  He went to the vet a few weeks ago and she couldn't believe what an amazing temperament he had.  He never whines and rarely barks.  You won't believe how big he is, about 22 lbs.  I feel we have a good head start on training. He is so smart we see progress daily mostly through training while playing and he does love to play.
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ATCH-III ATChC RaineDance Cookin'up Mischief 

ASCA Agility Trial Champion
AAC Agility Trial Champion of Canada 
AAC Lifetime Award of Excellence
#1 "Specials" Aussie in Canada for 2008!!
#8 "Specials" All Breed in Canada for 2008!!
#2 Aussie in Canada for 2007 &
#9 All Breed! 

And Little Biscuit landed in Canada on Monday April 14th! Seems she fits right in! 

Here is a note from Biscuit's family:
Biscuit has had her next round of shots and is doing great! We are so in LOVE with her! As is everyone else who sees her. I'm sure you have the same phenomenon when you take your puppies out. We never get far before people gather around and "The Biscuit Show" begins. I'm thinking of making up a sign... I'm an Australian Shepherd (not a Bernese Mountain Dog), I'm 12 weeks old, I'll grow to be medium size and my name is Biscuit. It's nice to see how happy she makes people, but it gets challenging to get any distance at all. :) (I'm not complaining) My three year old niece Alexis absolutely loves Biscuit. "Auntie Linda I love your puppy. When I get a puppy I'm going to name her Biscuit." So cute! We took her on her first hike yesterday, and she got to play in the snow. She loved it!

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CH RaineDance Merry Mischief PT OA AXJ GSN JSE RSO CGC

My SWEETIE pie, is staying here with me as well!

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Congratulations to all the families with their new puppies! Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

CH Written and Directed By Timaru (Canada)

 ASCA HOF CH Lakehills Millenni"em" Mischief
See Emma's Progeny

USASA National 2002 USASA National 2002 USASA National 2002 lutz_emmamoves1.jpg (44799 bytes)lutz_emmas.jpg (38880 bytes)stack300c.jpg (20432 bytes)

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Scissors bite/Full dentition
Red Factored  22" / 60lbs

OFA Excellent
Eyes cleared annually
Full dentition
19" /  39lbs

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