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 AAC Lifetime Achievement Award

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Biscuit lives in BC (Canada) with Linda and Gerhard . What an amazing dog and handler!
Bisi is littermate to my Baron and Merry, so I think I can imagine what a pleasure their journey is.
I have had the good fortune to see them in action a few times, and the privilege of showing Bisi
in the Altered Conformation ring. It is clear to me that Biscuit is a beautiful example of our breed,
and if there had been altered majors to win...she would have.
So to me, she is not only a Multiple Agility Trial Champion but also a conformation champion.
Biscuit has two RaineDance brothers, "Cisco" and "Cruz".

Sire: CH Written & Directed By Timaru
Dam: HOF ROMXII CH Lakehills Millenni'Em' Mischief
DOB 4/8/2003


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ASCA Agility Awards
Agility Trial Champion III

AAC Agility Awards
Agility Trial Champion of Canada
Award of Merit

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August 2014 3 more ASCA Rally Novice Qs with a 195 and a New Title!

At 10+ (Aug 2013), Bisi get Reserve HIT Agility!

November 2012 ASCA Nationals
Third Place Veteran Agility Finals!


Aug  2012
ASCA High In Trial!
Nov 5&6 2011
ASCA High In Trial!

Oct 8&9, 2011 SECOND ASCA ATCH!!

Mar 7&8 2009 Finishes all ASCA Elite Titles!
Nov 14 ASCA National Specialty Finished all three OPEN ASCA Agility titles!
Sept 23 Q s in ALL 5 ASCA agility runs! 
Sept 24 Qs again in 3 of 5 agility runs, finishing ALL ASCA Novice agility titles
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July 2013
10" Special Regional Agility Championship!

USDAA Northwest Regionals First Overall Performance Team GOLD MEDAL!

 "Biscuit was entered in the Performance Versatility Pairs Tournament with our trainer Wade and his Border Collie Tess. Pairs of dogs of all heights compete as a team for highest combined score. So fun! Biscuit and Tess (Team name "Tail no Tails") placed first over all Performance teams of all heights for the Gold Medal.!!!
Bisi also made it into the Steeplechase and Grand Prix finals, placing 4th in the Grand Prix for a "buy" into the semi finals at the USDAA Nationals in Kentucky".

16" Special Regional Agility Champion!

"This was the biggest regional event in the history of the event. 411 dogs competing from all over BC, and some from the USA as well. Our division was extremely competitive with over 40 dogs, many of them fast border collies!"

Nov 2009
AAC Lifetime Award of Excellence!

Jun 09 16 (out of 18) USDAA Q's !!! Steeplechase and Grain Prix Finalist,and 3rd in Grand Prix!

AAC #2 Aussie in Canada for 2007!
#1 "Specials" Aussie in Canada for 2008!!
#8 "Specials" All Breed in Canada for 2008!!

Dec 15 SILVER Award of Merit!!!
Nov 24/25 3 more Qs. Bisi is now tied with the #1 Aussie in Canada!

Agility Trial Champion of Canada w/Bronze Award of Merit!!
July 22 Masters Team Relay & Masters Gamblers NEW TITLES!
This finishes Bisi's Masters Steeplechase DC title!!!

Bisi qualifies for the AAC National Championships w/ 375 points!

Jan 19, 2007 Master Dog of Canada title!!  NEW TITLE!
AAC #4 Aussie in Canada for 2006!!
Nov 25-26 Masters Jumpers  NEW TITLE!
Nov 25-26 Master Snooker 
Oct 22 Advanced Agility Dog 
Oct 1 Advanced Games 
April 23 Starters Games Dog of Canada
Jan 21 2006   Agility Dog
of Canada! NEW TITLE!
Sept 11 1st Place Starter Standard

ASCA Obedience/Rally Awards

July 4th 2013 weekend Biscuit and Linda try ASCA Rally....and end up in First Place!!!
Bisi is 10.5 years old....so amazing...and not surprising at all!

ASCA Conformation Awards
15 points (2 Majors)

    nats1stpl.jpg (76025 bytes) NC4O8466.jpg (47281 bytes)NC4O8160.jpg (67754 bytes)  show 006c.jpg (539487 bytes) 090801Bisi.jpg (89844 bytes) Alt BOB.jpg (74372 bytes) Biscuit ABOB.jpg (92308 bytes)   DSCN0298.jpg (324044 bytes) 0906BOB2.jpg (82873 bytes)BOW.jpg (92890 bytes)  Lindaweb.jpg (122803 bytes)   071201BStack.jpg (82251 bytes) winners1206.jpg (57891 bytes) 0605bisibig.jpg (103901 bytes)  

Nov 2012 ASCA Nationals- Third Place Altered Open Black!
Nov 2012 Nationals Pre Show - Altered Winners Bitch for 5pts under Kerry Kirtley!

July 2012 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch!

July 2011 Altered Winners Bitch! 3Points!  Judge Ronnie Bates
Nov 13 ASCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY Las Vegas 1st Place Altered Open Black Bitch Judge Kris Churchill
 July 13 & 14 2008 Altered Best of Breed!
Dec 5 Alt Winners Bitch!

July 2 Alt Winners Bitch for 2 pts under Sandy Rees
July 1 Alt Reserve Winners Bitch under Becci Maloney

Dec 3, Alt Winners Bitch for 1 point Judge Lisa Cameron-Bell
Dec 2 Alt Winners Bitch & Best of Winners for 1 point Judge Chris Hill
Sept 23 Alt Winners Bitch & BEST OF BREED over a special for 1 point!!      Judge Liz Gibson
Sept 22 Alt Winners Bitch & Best of Winners for 1 point Judge Barbara Peach
June 5  Altered Reserve Winners Bitch again!! YAY Bisi!
May 15 2005 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch her first time out!


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