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Litters in 2015:
Planned litters at other kennels are listed after the breeding has occurred.
Litters planned here at RaineDance will be posted as soon as the sire has been chosen.

Gibbs/Capri puppies
6 born 12/29/15
at Echelon Aussies
Gibbs is out of 
CH Hearthside Leave A Message
CH Westridge Beboppin

Echelon Aussies is located in 
Olympia, WA
COI : 18.2 %
 (Method: Live Cover )
AKC CH Morning Mist Jive Talkin  RaineDance Capricious Park
Brach/Shamu puppies
5 born 8/7/15
here at RaineDance
RaineDance Designer Genes
CDX RA HSAs CD RNX  "Calvin"
RaineDance Custom Design  "Gucci"
RaineDance Mischief By Design  "Giorgi"
RaineDance Fine Design
HSAs "Tory"
RaineDance All About The Stone  "Winston"

Puppies' Pedigree
COI : 19.0%
 (Method: Live Cover )
AKC CH RaineDance Hard Candy RaineDance No Reservations RATI
Bodhi/Lillie puppies
9 born 5/9/15
here at RaineDance
RaineDance Cruz'n on Magic
JHD STDs "Wilson"
RaineDance Once in a Blue Moon "Maisie"
RaineDance Magic Cruz "Harvey"
RaineDance Magic in the Park "Gloria"
RaineDance Bella Nostra "Bella"

RaineDance Cruz'n in Sunshine "Hannah"
RaineDance Heaven Sent "Gabriel"
RaineDance Blue Wave  "Hobie"
RaineDance Blue Magic  "Blue"

Puppies' Pedigree
COI  16.8%
 (Method: Live Cover )
Canyon Oaks Magic Merlin
RaineDance Cruz'n in the Park
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 Litters by Year:
  Puppies 2017  Sterling/Shamu & Tango/Charlotte puppies here at RaineDance &
Capri puppies at Eschelon (WA) & Bryce puppies at Lake View (CA)
Puppies 2016  Jesse/Kate Puppies here at RaineDance & Bryce puppies at Jubilee(CA)
Puppies 2015
  Brach/Shamu puppies and Bodhi/Lillie puppies here at RaineDance & Capri puppies at Echelon (WA)
Puppies 2014  Tom/Shamu puppies here at RaineDance &
Baron puppies at Veritas (TX)
Puppies 2013  James/Jolie & Tom/Capri puppies here at RaineDance &
Baron puppies at BlueSky (FL)
Puppies 2012  Baron/Trinket puppies here at RaineDance & Baron puppies at Dancin'Eyes and Trilogy & Ruckus/Greta puppies at Bell's (NV)
Puppies 2011  Parker/Jolie puppies
here at RaineDance &
 Baron puppies at Veritas (TX)

Puppies 2010  Hemi/Merry puppies here at RaineDance
Puppies 2009  Parker/Merry & Sid/Pearl puppies here at RaineDance &
 Baron puppies at
Expression (TX)
Puppies 2008
  Baron puppies at Peppered Acres & Wild Heart (MO)
Puppies 2007  Cruiser/Merry & Sid/Emma puppies here at RaineDance &
 Baron puppies at Halfmoon (MI)
Puppies 2006
  Baron puppies at Red Forrest, Brody, Takoda (FL) & Ebbtide

Puppies 2005
  Parker puppies at Criteria(2) and K&B       

Puppies 03/04 Rio/Emma & Parker/Emma puppies here at RaineDance


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