Tom/Shamu Puppies
                                                                                                                born June 12, 2014

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The RD Mischief Litter!
This is a lovely litter of extremely bidable puppies.


RaineDance Mischief In Motion
Tyler  joins his new family in San Jose!
 I think it was love at first sight...Wende and Paul are having a blast with Tyler!



RaineDance Mischief in Dixon


(aka Teddy) joins Sara and Mark in Tiburon, CA!
Ted loves everything in motion. He is attentive and affectionate, EAGER, and a stern word with invoke the kidney bean position. He reacts to his surroundings, but recovers instantly. Toy and food Motivated! He is looking for someone to manage his talent. He is a puppy with great poise, not expected to be big or heavy.  He is ALL charm!



RaineDance Mischief in Action

joins Susan and Herb in San Jose, CA!
Flynn (TJ) is a powerful puppy, but is very bidable. He puts a lot of commitment in what he does, so might have to get his attention. He is super eager to please, and very aware of his body. I expect this boy to be stocky, with a shorter back than the others, and all muscle. A stern word will give you an appropriate, sheepish response. He is going to be a dream to train.


RaineDance Mac Attack

Mac (aka Toby) joins his new family in Oregon!
Toby was a favorite of everyone!!! Sweet and well mannered, good luck my special boy. Have fun with your auntie Murphy!


RaineDance Mischief To The Max HT CGC RNX STDds
Taboo joins his new family in Cupertino!
This is Taboo. He has the nose of the litter! A thoughtful puppy, eager to please and patient. He is quite bold, but not demonstrative. He has a certain quiet class. An easy choice for just about any experienced Aussie owner. I think he would make a fabulous search and rescue dog, but like the others, would be an awesome partner in any sport.

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

ASCA/AKC CH RaineDance All Terrain Tom STDs

RaineDance No Reservations


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