Tucker, Pearl, Joy, Apollo, Cisco

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Parker/Emma puppies
born Thanksgiving Day,
November 25th, 2004
These puppies were born here at RaineDance in Santa Rosa, CA.
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Scroll down to meet the parents!
2 Black girls
3 Black boys

All photos ©RaineIMAGES
Puppies Pedigree

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ASCA CH RaineDance Park Ave Mischief

Pearl has joined her new family in Reno Nevada! Ken and Cathy Thormahlen will be teaching Pearl the ins and out of the breed ring, the agility course and obedience! 

Watch Pearl's progress on her page! As of June 13th 2005, she has already made her mark in the breed ring with 4 Best of Breed Puppy wins, 5 ASCA points an AKC Reserve and 2 Puppy Group placements!

RaineDance Tuck Everlasting CGC CTD

with his new family in Danville!
"We went to the vet today and she said he was an incredible puppy. Perfect weight which she was REALLY happy about (I guess lots of puppies are overweight). The whole staff was oohing and aahing over him. He was such a little gentleman! Really, she was VERY impressed with his temperament and markings.

 REALLLY SMART DOG! Mark really LOVES this puppy. I knew that he would love him but it’s more than that…he actually told me that he really LOVES this puppy and I quote, “He fills my heart up!” so again, thank you for this little (or HUGE) blessing…we really do LOVE him
Again, thank you for your friendship and advice…I don’t know what we’d do without you…and KEEP IT COMING!"  
November 2005 Tucker completes his Canine Good Citizen Test AND is now RaineDance's first Certified Therapy Dog!

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ATCH ATChC RaineDance Mischief In Frisco JSE-SP GSE-SP GOLD 

is off to his new home in Canada! Watch for Cisco in the breed ring and on the agility course!
Agility Trial Champion of Canada 
5 Aussie in Canada for 2007!!

You can keep track of Cisco on his own page...

Cisco 'wows' us all by earning his first agility title at 21mos!
Cisco is #8 Aussie in Canada in 2006!! (Agility standings)

And he didn't even start until July!!!

RaineDance Mischief In The Park CGC CTD
Heads off to her new home in San Jose. Joy has been here at RaineDance far too long, she is sorely missed. :) Good luck you guys!

April 24 2007 Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dog!
March 5, 2005
Best of Breed Puppy under Judge Pat Jensen!

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RaineDance Mission Accomplished GSN JSO RSO CGC

with his new family in Santa Rosa! Watch for Apollo on the agility course and the obedience ring!
"He is the smartest dog I have ever seen!!. He already knows how to use the bells at the door when he wants to go out. Cayla took him to puppy class and he already knows sit, down and high five!!! He is so good about going to sleep at night we never have any problems. He knows that his kennel in Cayla's room means bed time. He never whines or fusses anymore. I also am positive that he knows his name. When Lissa was talking during dog class he would cock his head and listen to her. Cayla said it was so funny. We all love him so much!!! 

May, 2005 Apollo gets his Canine Good Citizenship!

All puppies are CERF Clear @ 8 wks

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

ROMXI ASCA/AKC/INT'L CH Melodys Park It In First

See Parker's Get

HOF ASCA CH/ROMXII AKC CH/INT'L CH Lakehills Millenni"em" Mischief

See Emma's Progeny

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OFA Excellent
Eyes cleared annually
Scissors bite
ASCA/AKC Champion
21.5"/ 53lbs

OFA Excellent
Eyes cleared annually
Full dentition
ASCA Champion
19" /  39lbs

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