RaineDance Pedigree                     
Breeder: M. Raine Lutz   HOF CH Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rio  
Owner: Raine Lutz        
  CH Blue Isle's Dancin on Fayble Hill    
      Friends Blue Country    
  AKC/CKC/ASCA CH Written & Directed By Timaru      
          HOF CH Kaweahs K.C. Darsey  
      CH DancinEyes Boots R Made for Walkn  
          DancinEyes Honkytonk Harlot      
  MBIS BISS GCH RaineDance Written In Stone CD PT AX AXJ RSO GSO JSO            
  "Baron"       Hisaws Justin Roper        
  Blue Merle                  
  DOB 2/10/03     CH Starswepts Just Rope it of Hisaw          
  OFA Good     Blue Merle   Starswepts Hifalutin of Hisaw      
  Eyes Clear                
      HOF ROMXII CH Lakehills Millenni"em' Mischief PT AX AXJ GS-O JS-O RS-O NAC NJC NGC        
              HOF CH Moody Blues of Heatherhill      
          CH Lakehills Owhata Nite at Hisaw    
          HOF CH Hisaws Midnight Infatuation      
RaineDance Baron/Trinket Litter 2012/2013            
DOB: 7/21/12          
    HOF AKC/ASCA CH My Main Man of Heatherhill       
      CH Briarbrooks Valedictorian            
          AKC/ASCA CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence        
      BIS GCH Dreamstreets Season Ticket            
              AKC CH Cassablancas Ricky Martin          
          CH Mysharas Shameless        
              AKC CH Firethornes Cameo            
  RaineDance Season of Mischief HSAds ATDd OTDcs              
  "Trinket"     HOF AKC/ASCA CH Heatherhill You Talk Too Much              
  Black Tir                
  DOB 6/1/09     AKC/ASCA/INTL CH Melodys Park It In First PT          
  OFA Good         AKC/ASCA CH Melodys Court'n The Blues        
  Eyes Clear                    
      ASCA CH RaineDance Park Ave Mischief      
          AKC/ASCA CH Starswepts Just Rope it of Hisaw  
      HOF ROMXII AKC/ASCA/INTL CH Lakhills Millenni'Em' Mischief PT AX AXJ RSO JSO GSO  
    ASCA CH Lakehills Owhata Nite at Hisaw