Howdy, Naya, Seele

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Baron/Maddie puppies
7 puppies born March 30, 2006
These puppies were born at Ebbtide Australian Shepherds in Cloverdale, CA.
Please make inquiries to Ann Atkinson 
Scroll down to meet the parents!
1 Blue girl
3 Black girls
3 Blue boys
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A-CH Ebbtide Gonna Getcha UD RE CDX


AKC Utility Dog!
Int'l/Nat'l Puppy Champion
Owned by Susan Gore & Trish Madden in Concord, CA & Ann Atkinson of Ebbtide

April 2, 2016 Altered Best of Breed over 5 bitch specials and a major in bitches
beautiful Gotcha, at 10 years of age. :)

2014 ASCA National Specialty in Bryan Tx:
Rally Novice Excellent! with her 3 scores being over 195
4th Place Open B w/194!!
Feb 2013 Gottie takes 1st Place in Open B & 2nd place in Utlity B! They're in the big leagues now, and working on those UDX legs!!!

July 21 & 23 2 First places in Utility A and a new UD TITLE!!Score 188 & 185.5
March 24, 2012 Gotcha Qs in AKC UTILITY and in First Place!! And continues her 1st place Qs in AKC agility!! She is now 1 Q from her NA and NAJ titles

Oct 21 & 22/10 ASCA National Pre-Shows 2nd Place 189 & Fifth Place 191.5
Sept 18 & 19 Gottie Qs 2 more times in Open B ASCA, both in 2nd place!
Sept 12 Gottie's first High In Trial! and ASCA CDX!! 191.5
Sept 11 High Scoring Aussie 1st place 193 ASCA Open B!
May 30 first time in AKC Agility...Q in Second Place in Novice Jumpers!
May 29 first time in ASCA Open B...Qualified with a 185!
May 22 first time in AKC Open B...Qualified with a 188!
April 25 1st Place, 3 for 3, and
RE title! w/a tough judge and a score of 79
April 10 & 11 1st Place and 2nd Place Rally Excellent scores 99 & 88!
Jan 31 & 30 1st  & 2nd Place Open A Obedience w/ scores 188 & 189!
Jan 17 1st Place Open A Obedience with a score of 197!
Jan 16 1st & 4th Place Open A Obedience w/ a score of 198 & 195! out of 26!
Dec 27 4th Place Open A Obedience with a score of 189!
Oct 31 Altered BOB Judge Denise Crreelman
Oct 31 Altered BOB judge Cathy Davis 
Sept 19 Altered Winners Bitch Judge Dorothy Montano 3pts
Sept 13 Altered Winners Bitch Judge Leslie Earl 2pt
Sept 12 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch Judge bob Grady
Sept 12 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch Judge Linda Churchill
July 4 Altered Best of Breed over specials, including a previously ranked TOP TEN INTACT special!
July 4th PM Altered Best of Breed over specials
July 5th Altered Best of Breed over specials
3rd Place Novice A Obedience Finals ASCA Nat'l Specialty!
Ranked #9 in ASCA Novice Obedience
Invited to the ASCA Obedience Finals!
May 24 1st Place Novice B w/score 198!
May 23 Altered Winners Bitch 2pt Judge Claire Thomas
May 24 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch Judge Debra Gower
Mar 29 Finished
ASCA CD and Altered Winners Bitch for 3points!
Mar 28 Altered Reserve Winners Bitch!
Mar 22 2009 Gottie finishes her
Rally Advanced title!
Ranked #1 Novice A Obedience for 2008 (USASA)
1st Place Novice B (43 in her class!) Score 196!
4th Place Novice B (Pre Show) Score 194
1st Place Novice Regular 
And 3 more Q's in Novice Regular and Jumpers!
ASCA National Specialty Las Vgas  November 2008
Oct 4,5 7 out of 10 Q's! 4 1st, 1 2nd, 1 3rd 3 NEW TITLES!!
Sept 14th AKC Reserve Winners Bitch!
Sept 6th & 7th finishes ASCA Novice agility titles!

novice standard - 1st place, 1st place, 2nd place
novice jumpers - 2nd place, 3rd place

Aug 2&3 1st Place Novice Gamblers & Jumpers and 2nd Place Novice Gamblers finishing her first agility title!!
Jun 21 1st Place in Novice A Obedience! Finishing her CD!
Jun 8 1st Place in Novice A Obedience! Score 192.5
Jun 6 1st Place in Novice A Obedience! Score 198.5
May 18 1st Place in Standard & Colors in CPE Agility
Feb 24 2nd Q in Advanced Rally in 4th place
Ranked #9 Novice A Rally for 2007! (USASA)
Nov 10 first Q in Advanced Rally!!
July 1, WINNERS BITCH! 4pts ASCA major Judge Daryl Turner  12-18mos
June 16, Gotcha finishes her
Rally Novice title in third place!
May 12 Gotcha gets her second Rally Q ! with 92 pts!
Apr 15, Gotcha gets her first Rally Q!
Jan 14 Gotcha gets her
International & National Championships!
Dec 31, 2006 Gotcha goes AKC Reserve Winners Bitch AGAIN! 
This time to a 3 pt major from the 9-12 class!
Dec 29 Gotcha goes AKC Reserve Winners Bitch from the 6-9 puppy class
Dec 6 Gotcha passes her
Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors! 
August 27 Gotcha wins Best of Breed Puppy
August 26 Best Of Opposite Sex Puppy

June 17, 2006 Gotcha makes her ASCA debut winning
Best Of Breed Puppy

Ebbtide Google's Gambol CD OA OAJ OF JVO GSO RVO
Owned by Warren & Deborah Teitelman of Monte Serano, CA

Ebbtide Google's Gambol CD OA OAJ OF

Aug 2013 Regular Veteran Open!
March 2013, Warren and Zayvee are back in the agility ring! Zayvee now competes in Veterans and earned SIX Qs!! 1 in Elite Gamblers, 2 in Open Standard and 3 in Open Jumpers earning his JVO title!
April 2h Open Fast Q!
Feb 20 2010 4th Place ASCA Novice Regular!
Dec 31 Zayvee finishes his
Open Agility title!
Nov 21 ASCA
Novice Gamblers! 2 Q's in 1st & 2nd !
Also 4th Place Novice Jumpers
Nov 14 Open Std Q in AKC!

Oct 09 4th Open Std and 2nd in Novice Fast
Sept 09 Qualifies in 1st and 2nd Place in Jumpers, finishing his
Also 1st & 3rd place in Novice Fast!
Aug 09 Qualifies in FIST PLACE (& the ONLY dog to qualify in his class) and finishes his AKC
NA title!!
July 09 Zayvee finishes his
Companion Dog AKC title!

Qualifies in FIST PLACE & Second in Novice A Obedience 
With 2 scores of 193.5!!

July 2009 3rd Place USDAA Started Standard
June 20 & 21 2009 Zayvee Q's FOUR times w/2  4th Places in his very first agility trial (CPE)! 
March 3, 2007 Zayvee completes his
Canine Good Citizen test!! 
Congrats to his owner/handler Warren, and to his breeder Ann Atkinson of Ebbtide Aussies!

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IMG_4445.jpg (50627 bytes) IMG_4470.jpg (58118 bytes) IMG_4462.jpg (75638 bytes) IMG_4442.jpg (43333 bytes)

IMG_5675.jpg (361498 bytes)HIT.jpg (439266 bytes)DSCF6368.jpg (68445 bytes)IMG_0431.jpg (79712 bytes)1boy3.jpg (62750 bytes)1boy2.jpg (62111 bytes) Ebbtide Good Ol' Greetin' UDX OM2

Owned by Judie & Gary Howard of Moraga, CA
May 2011 HIT #8!! and Obedience Master title
Nov 2010 High In Trial AGAIN!!(198.5 Open B)& High Combined (2cd Place)
Nov 2010 High In Trial (199 Open B)& High Combined (191 Utility B)!!!
Oct 2010 3rd Place Utility B 195.5

Oct 2010 Fourth Place Utility B 194
Oct 2009 Forth Place, Open B! 194
First Place, Novice B Obedience, score 198
Judge Bill Iwamoto
First Place, Novice B, score 199 1/2
Judge Susie Osborn
First Place Novice B, score 199 1/2
Judge Dorin Ladd
First Place Novice B, perfect score 200
Judge Loretta Delinger and (are you seeing a pattern here?)
Howdy is HIGH IN TRIAL!!!
Mar 21st 2009 High In Trial AKC from Novice B w/score of 199.5!!!
Mar 20 First Place Novice B score 196.5
 IMG_4458.jpg (62960 bytes)IMG_4449.jpg (52149 bytes)IMG_4437.jpg (70027 bytes)Puppies 12 days male 1 BTB3.jpg (74929 bytes)
Ebbtide Glamour Girl CD RA JSN
Owned by Ariela Karasov in Madison, WI & Ann Atkinson of Ebbtide
OFA Good/Elbows Normal/Eyes Clear/Full Dentition/Scissors Bite

Oct 18 2008  finishes her ASCA Novice Jumpers title! (2nd places)
Mar 1 2008  finishes her CD!! (2nd place)
Feb 16 2008  2nd leg toward her CD (4th place)
AND 2nd place in Rally Advanced finishing her RA title!
Jan 6 2008  first leg toward her CD AND 1st place in Rally Advanced!
Naya is ranked #5 Aussie in Novice A Rally for the 2007 year!
July 22  ASCA Reserve Winners Bitch to a 4 pt major
June 9  finishes her Novice Rally title in second place
April 21  second AKC Rally Q! And in FIRST place
March 18 2007 Naya gets her very first AKC Novice Rally Q in 4th Place
0706naya.jpg (61946 bytes)naya6mos.jpg (91300 bytes)naya6mos2.jpg (105791 bytes)naya2ndrally.jpg (44162 bytes)nayarallyandcdlg.jpg (57515 bytes)100_3828.jpg (105070 bytes)rnlg.jpg (53645 bytes)nayarally.jpg (62011 bytes)

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bg1.jpg (71445 bytes)
0706athena2.jpg (78107 bytes)
athena.jpg (54417 bytes)
athena0706.jpg (74126 bytes)
Ebbtide Greek Goddess

IMG_6271.jpg (74917 bytes)IMG_6284.jpg (77716 bytes)

Ebbtide Goodness Gracious CGC
Owned by Linda & Ken Noble-Brown in San Rafael, CA & 
Ann Atkinson of Ebbtide

October 8 Seele completes her Canine Good Citizen certificate!

girls.jpg (78985 bytes)2girl3.jpg (63182 bytes)2girl4.jpg (67888 bytes)

IMG_0034_2.jpg (73337 bytes)IMG_0027_2.jpg (81812 bytes)seelestk.jpg (79109 bytes)sitseele.jpg (79231 bytes)

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buds.jpg (72300 bytes)
beardown.jpg (65730 bytes)

Ebbtide Gotta Grin CGC
Owned by Suzie,  Jim & Lindsey Stephens of CA
September 11 2007 Bear completes his Canine Good Citizen test!!
Congrats to his owners/handlers Susie & Jim, and to his breeder Ann Atkinson of Ebbtide Aussies!
bear1.jpg (66365 bytes)bear2.jpg (45764 bytes)
IMG_0593.jpg (59771 bytes)



Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

ROMXI AKC GCH/ASCA/INT'L CH RaineDance Written In Stone

Ebbtide Madam President CD

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