Brach/Shamu Puppies
                                                                                                                born August, 7, 2015

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Puppies Pedigree


The RD 'By Design' Litter!
This is a lovely litter of high drive show puppies.


RaineDance Fine Design PT

Tory (previously Fendi) has moved to Livermore with Wende and Paul and her half brother "Tyler"!


RaineDance Custom Design

Gucci is staying at RaineDance

August 2016 AKC Bred By Exhibitor Group One
January 2016 IABCA Best in Show BBX Puppy
                                    Group 1 BBX Puppy
                                    Group 1 All Puppy

RaineDance Mischief By Design

Giorgi lives in Portolla Valley with Annie Carrino and "Reese"!

January 2015 ASCA Best of Breed Puppy
Best of Opposite Sex Puppy

RaineDance Designer Genes

Calvin lives in Woodside with Rick Anderson and "Kate"!

Aug 27 THREE back to back First Places in AKC Novice A!New Title!
 193, 195, 196.5 and 2 Beg Novice runs w/2 First Places 196, 198
May 2 First Place Beginner Novice  
New Title!
April 2016 1st Place ASCA Beginner Novice 190
                   1st Place ASCA Beginner Novice 196
February 2016 Barn Hunt Novice Q
January 2016 ASCA Best of Opposite Sex Puppy in Sweeps
                                   Best of Breed Puppy
                                   Best of Opposite Sex Puppy


RaineDance All About the Stone

Winston lives in Petaluma with Mike and Patte Piro!
January 2016 IABCA Group 2 BBX Puppy

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

AKC CH RaineDance Hard Candy
Beautiful photo by Amber Jade

RaineDance No Reservations RATI


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