Ethan & CH Parker

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Parker/Harlie puppies
born November 10, 2005
These puppies were bred by Criteria Australian Shepherds in Auburn, CA.
Please make inquiries to Terri Swenson 
Scroll down to meet the parents!
1 Blue girl, 4 Black girls
1 Blue boy, 4 Black boys
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 AKCbobp.jpg (149248 bytes)RWDncasc2.jpg (119445 bytes) R&E.jpg (175693 bytes)youngE.jpg (134032 bytes)BOBPep.jpg (101371 bytes)BOBPbp.jpg (91039 bytes)EthanBOSP.jpg (95956 bytes)ethanjan08.jpg (44227 bytes)ethantrot.jpg (89055 bytes)pt.jpg (73132 bytes)0407res.jpg (79784 bytes)0307DASFres.jpg (81738 bytes)0307DASFfree.jpg (66610 bytes)1006sheep.jpg (65550 bytes)RWD1lg.jpg (132653 bytes)
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First Element of Criteria PT RN CGC
ASCA minor pointed
OFA Excellent

Congratulations Christine! On a beautiful job showing this handsome guy!
April 2009 Ethan finishes his Novice Rally title w/98 in First Place! He also qualifies in Advanced Rally again w/98 in First Place!
8/9/08 AM show: Altered Reserve Winners Dog
           PM show: Altered Winners Dog and Best of Opposite Sex
8/26/07 Ethan completes his Pre--Trial Herding Certificate
5/13/2007 Ethan Q's both times on his Herding Test runs and Finishes his HT
4/20/07 Ethan gets his first title! He is now a Canine Good Citizen
3/31/07 ASCA Reserve Winners Dog to a 3pt major!

3/4/07 Reserve Winners Dog (ASCA)
12/29/06 AKC Reserve from the 12-18mos class to a 3 point  major
11/27/06 AKC Reserve Winners Dog from 12-18mos class
7/15/06 AKC Best of Breed Puppy and Group 2 Puppy
5/28/06 ASCA Reserve Winners Dog from the 6-9mos class!
5/7/06 ASCA Best of Breed Puppy
3/18/06 AM ASCA Best of Breed Puppy
3/18/06 PM ASCA Best of Breed Puppy
3/5/06 ASCA Best of Opposite Sex Puppy -his ASCA debut!

2/11/06 Best of Breed Puppy,Group1at the 
International show in Santa Rosa

babyE.jpg (162116 bytes)
IMG_0317.jpg (65163 bytes)IMG_0321.jpg (58745 bytes)IMG_0324.jpg (60619 bytes)PandE.jpg (157505 bytes)

Ima Harlie Girl From Criteria RE NA OAJ  OF JSN

Nov 2011 Kelli gets her Rally Excellent and places FIRST in Open Jumpers finishing her OAJ!!!!
Aug 2011 Kelli gets her Rally Advanced!
Kelli has 2 Qs toward her RA!!

June 2011 Kelli has her first Agility title!!

IMG_7424.jpg (167730 bytes)IMG_7431.jpg (128792 bytes)WAG11.jpg (62612 bytes)
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Harlie's Xmas Wish at Criteria PT
5/31/09 Noel finishes her AKC Pre-Trial Herding title
5/27/2007 Noel received Reserve Winners Bitch over a HUGE entry!


Harlies Angel N NV of Criteria

9/22/06 ASCA Reserve Winners Bitch 
from the 9-12mos puppy class!
reserve.jpg (100100 bytes)
Beau4months.jpg (206427 bytes)Beau9monthsandFriend.jpg (117326 bytes) Criterias Beau Jacks Or Better


Criterias Blue Eye On First

mtraveling.jpg (56935 bytes)

Criteria's Muzzy Izzet

spotmover.jpg (56709 bytes)lilboy.jpg (39543 bytes)hercboy.jpg (36370 bytes)Kboy.jpg (44456 bytes)blueboy.jpg (48511 bytes)

bluegirl.jpg (45339 bytes)lilblkgril.jpg (39626 bytes)twingirl.jpg (37665 bytes)chinadollgirl.jpg (50850 bytes)Pgirl.jpg (50645 bytes)

Congratulations to Criteria Australian Shepherds! For welcoming 10 beautiful babies into the world!



Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

ASCA/AKC/INT'L CH Melodys Park It In First PT CGC DNA-VP
See Parker's Get

Donnybrooks Harilieanna Sierra CGC

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