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Dynamic Dog

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Greta's Pedigree
CERF Normal/ 
PHA not yet/
Scissors bite
DOB 4/21/2007
MDR-1 Normal/Normal
HC One Copy
Last CERF March 2011
Greta's Babies
Litter information & pictures

Owned by Denali & Brandon Bell of Carson City, NV
proudly co-owned by Raine Lutz


CH McMatt's EZ Going X ASCA HOF/USASA ROMXI CH RaineDance Merry Mischief
DOB 4/21/2007

ASCA Champion
4 majors

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Best of Winners &  Winners Bitch in Gridley
7/2/10 Judge Jill Ward  4 pts
Best of Winners &  Winners Bitch in Carson City, NV
5/16/10 Judge Richard Berger  5 pts
Best of Winners &  Winners Bitch in Turlock
4/3/10 Judge Linda Tefelski  5 pts
Reserve Winners Bitch in Carson City, NV
8/24//09 Judge Tammy Seaman  to a 3pt Major
Reserve Winners Bitch
in Carson City, NV
6/13/09 Judge Lynn Hamon to a 3pt Major
Best of Opposite Sex
Best of Winners & 
Winners Bitch in Carson City, NV
6/12/09 Judge Jack Allen  3 pts

Reserve Winners Bitch
in Gridley
7/4/08 Judge Terry Hansen to a 3pt Major        

Best of Breed Puppy in Placerville
10/14/07 Judge Cathy Davis 

Three SG-1 Ratings NEW Nat'l Puppy CHAMPION
9/23//07 in Antioch

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