Photo by Daniel Stewart

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James/Jolie puppies
DOB March 30, 2013
These puppies were born here at RaineDance in Santa Rosa, CA.
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  RaineDance No Reservations
8/25/13 4-6mos Puppy Herding Group 3!

Is proving to be an amazing representation of our breed. She remains here at RaineDance. And will be a part of RD's breeding program. She is also a total CLOWN! She does the hula like nobody, and she hoards things. Sweeter than pie she is!

RaineDance Indiana Jones

Has found his way home to San Francisco! I hear Indy will be playing classical piano accompany his talented 'parents'! Happy Trails little man! I sure do miss you! 

Photos come in often, so be sure and check back.
Here are the Sire and Dam of this litter:

GCH Briarbrooks All Rights Reserved

ASCA/AKC CH RaineDance Cruz'n For Mischief TT

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Full Dent/Scissors bite
21" /  55lbs

OFA Good
Eyes cleared annually
Scissors bite
20" /  41lbs

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